Why We’re Mad About Mila

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Cool pics from Oz The Great and Powerful
This week’s hilarious and adorable interview with a nervous British reporter was just one more reason why Mila Kunis is among the most likable stars in Hollywood.

Because we love her too, Celebuzz has compiled a list of our favorite “Mila Moments” from her sitcom roots to her newest role set in the Emerald City.  As the young lad from BBC 1 Radio learned all too well, it’s easy to fall in love with this star.

Kunis stars alongside James Franco, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams in the much-anticipated Disney release of Oz The Great and Powerful — opening March 8 in theaters everywhere.  The actress plays Theodora, a young witch who is still coming to terms with her own powers. You’ll have to watch the film to see what happens, but we know Kunis’ performance will have a powerful impact in this magical film.

Oz The Great and Powerful opens in theaters everywhere March 8.