Is This Where Jen and Justin Will Tie The Knot?

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Jennifer Aniston Engaged!
The actress is set to wed beau Justin Theroux.
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are going to the chapel — and it may just be the St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Media, Pennsylvania.

Friends star Aniston — who became engaged to the actor/director/screenwriter in August — has strong ties to the church: in the 1990s, she  donated $25,000 to it after her grandmother (and congregation member) Stella Anastasakis passed away.

“She donated the money toward an education annex at the church, and there is a plaque outside that reads, Donated by Jennifer Aniston in memory of Stella Anastasakis,” church treasurer Peter Dionisos told Celebuzz. “We would welcome her for the wedding with Justin. Her family has a connection to our church.”

That bond extends to the actress’ father, soap actor John Aniston. Born Yannis Anastasakis in Chania on the Greek island of Crete, he has worshipped at the church several times over the years. His parents, Antonios and Stella Anastasakis, meanwhile, ran the Rialto restaurant at Ninth and Morton street in Chester, Pennsylvania, and were active in the Greek community. In addition, one of Aniston’s relatives still works in the area.

St. George’s head priest, Anastasios Bourantas, has remained tight-lipped about any possible Aniston/Theroux wedding, but Dionisos is at the ready.

“It would be exciting if Jennifer and Justin got married here,” he said. That doesn’t mean it would be all smooth sailing: “We are a fairly private congregation, and I’m not sure that some people would not like all the fasaria [Greek for ‘fuss’] with all the media and everything.”

But not everyone would mind the fasaria. St. George church member Maria Calombaris Adamidis, whose family eventually took over the Rialto restaurant from Aniston’s grandparents, would be thrilled to see the famous couple exchange vows there.

“That would be so great,” she said. “I can actually remember seeing Jennifer’s grandmother, Stella, going to our church. Just like her granddaughter, she was a very classy lady who was always well-dressed and seemed outgoing. It would be a fitting tribute to Jennifer’s roots if she got married at St. George’s. I have seen her father here several times over the years, and it would certainly put St. George’s on the map.”

Vicky Fotiades, who’s also a member at St. George, knew Jennifer when she lived in Eddystone with her father when was just 4 or 5 years old. And although she hasn’t heard about the superstar saying “I do” in the small town, it would no doubt be a well-kept “secret,” she said.

But she’d be all for it because the future Mrs. Theroux would be following in her family’s footsteps.

“She should get married at the church. It would be really nice,” Fotiades said. “Her cousin got married at the church and her dad comes back to see his family.

“I don’t have to even be invited because it’s so close by.

“I’m so happy for her because her first marriage didn’t work out. I hope this one lasts.”

Fotiades says the actress’s father often comes back and loves the Philly cheesesteaks at her restaurant Vicky’s.

“We even invited Jennifer to come when she was in town nearby filming. But she couldn’t make it.”

Created in 1915, St. George’s is the oldest Greek Orthodox Church in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

“Our church now has a congregation of around 350 families,” said Dionisos. “Our services are half in Greek and half in English, while we perform traditional Byzantine music for our members.”

Do you think Jen will go back to her roots and wed at St. George’s — or will she choose a flashier location? Cast your vote in the comments.

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