20 Reasons To Crush On This Birthday Boy

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Put your party hat on — it is Adam Levine‘s birthday.

From chart-topping pop-rocker, to budding actor and reality TV star, the Maroon 5 frontman has proven himself a jack of all trades. But there’s one hat that he wears best: hunk.

So what better way to celebrate Levine blowing out 34 candles than by honoring his handsomeness?

There are his drool-worthy shirtless moments; there are his offbeat but oddly-bewitching quirky quotes; and there is, of course, his silky smooth voice.

But nowhere does he his hunk status shine brighter than in his role as a coach on NBC’s vocal competition series, The Voice. So on his birthday — and just a week ahead of the show’s season 4 premiere — let’s countdown the 20 ways in which Levine has stolen the hearts of millions, right from the comfort of his big red chair.

20. By sharing his gift for getting down:

19. With his mesmerizing spirit fingers: 

18. With his lovable laughing fits:

17. By being just a bit bemused:

16. With how he gets his diva on:

15. When his competitiveness turns child-like:

14. Through taunting his bromantic beau, Blake Shelton:

13. By blowing kisses to all:

12. When he showed off his Jersey Shore dance moves:

11. By showing even stars can be bashful:

10. With his unparalleled fist-pumping fervor:

9. By hand-gesturing his heart out:

8. With the ease of a wink:

7. Who can resist his Zoolander head turn?

6. By giving America two thumbs up:

5. With his “Come hither” look:

4. By dusting off the dirt off his shoulders, a la Jay-Z.

3. With a big Levine bear hug.

2. By playing shy in the spotlight:

1. And, of course, by making us all feel like we’re the apple of his eye:

Happy birthday, Adam!