Note To Kate Upton: This Guy REALLY Wants To Date You

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Youtube sensation Jake Davidson is upping the ante after famously asking Kate Upton to go to to the prom with him.

“To make this date special, I’m looking into a chauffeured 1964 Rolls Royce for the night,” the 19-year-old high school senior, who just shot to viral fame thanks to the video in which he expressed his love for all things Upton, told Celebuzz. “And I heard she loves Nobu, so I’d definitely take her for sushi. A cool band would play. And lots of flowers would be involved. ”

And if you’re reading this, Kate, the wooing wouldn’t stop there.

“I’d go the whole nine yards to make this happen,” said Davidson. “I heard she lives in Florida so I’d even fly her in. I have a job. I promise it would be a night she’d never forget.”

Davidson, who attends Milken Community High School in Los Angeles, may be playfully pleading with the 20-year-old Sports Illustrated cover girl — but this isn’t a joke.

“I’m definitely not acting,” he said. “I’m a huge Kate Upton fan, and I love Sports Illustrated.”

Davidson isn’t even afraid of a little competition.

“I’ve heard that she likes sports and she was rumored to be dating Justin Verlander, so I’m pretty jealous of Justin — I’m not going to lie,” Davidson said. “If I could throw a 90 mph fastball, then I’d definitely try to date Kate Upton — and not invite her to prom.”

For now, Davidson is enjoying his new notoriety.

“The support at my school has been incredible,” he said. “I don’t know what being a celebrity feels like, but I have seventh and eighth graders coming up to me. It’s pretty cool.”