Watch: Saoirse Ronan On Becoming ‘A Family’ With Max Irons And Jake Abel

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The cast that films in the desert together, sticks together. At least, that’s what Saoirse Ronan says.

The Host star tells CB! that she became very close with co-stars Max Irons (Jared Howe) and Jake Abel (Ian O’Shea), who play her onscreen love interests, while filming the sci-fi flick in New Mexico.

“There was nobody there!” Ronan said at The Host‘s Hollywood premiere Tuesday. “There was a Navajo tribe there though in New Mexico who were lovely to us, but we did kind of become like a family.”

“I think if the film’s going well and it’s a nice atmosphere, usually you do anyway. You’re kind of sucked into this bubble,” she added.

“We had a lot of intimate scenes that we did become quite close.”

In fact, the tight-knit trio is something that co-star Diane Kruger, who plays Ronan’s big screen nemesis, missed out on during her scenes — despite being able to drive around in chromed-out cars and hitch a ride in helicopters.

“Well, I didn’t get to make out with Max or Jake, so I get the second best gig,” she tells us.

Watch out full interview with the stars of The Host above and below.

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