Stephenie Meyer: ‘I Write For The Estrogen I’m Not Getting At Home’

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Loyal readers may see similarities between Twilight‘s Bella Swan and The Host heroine Melanie Stryder, but authorStephenie Meyer says there’s a good reason behind it.

“I sort of have to write for the estrogen I’m not getting at home,” Meyer, who is the mother to three sons, told Celebuzz at the Hollywood premiere of The Host Tuesday. “I have to create a circle of imaginary girlfriends.”

And like Twilight, there’s more in store for this series as well.

The best-selling writer, whose novel The Host is hitting theaters as a film on March 29, also says she’s hard at work on the book’s impending sequel.

“I’ve got outlines and pieces, but I think officially I have four chapters finished,” she says, adding that the novel is still in its “early days.”

In the past, Meyer, 39, has expressed that she’d like The Host to become a trilogy.

“If I were to continue on with The Host, which is a possibility, there are characters and stories that could continue,” she told MTV in 2008. “If I went ahead with that, it would be two more. … Next would be The Soul, and then The Seeker.”

Watch the video, above, for more of our interview with the award-winning author.

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