Dieting Extremes: 10 Stars Who’ve Had Weight-Loss Surgery

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Dramatic Weight Loss
See stars who have drastically slimmed down.
Not everyone in Hollywood has dropped pounds by diehard dieting and fitness… some have taken drastic measures by going under the knife.

Stars like American Idol judge Randy Jackson and The Talk‘s Sharon Osbourne have been open about their weight-loss procedures. While some undergo gastric bypass surgery, in which the stomach is divided into two, others opt for an inflatable gastric band that surrounds the top of the stomach to slow down food consumption.

So have these celebs achieved their desired results? You may be surprised by their answers.

[inlinecmp pos=”left” id=”0″ type=”14680262:200″]Though Jackson has kept off the weight — shedding an impressive 114 pounds since his 2003 surgery — Osbourne found a loophole to the slim-down effect.

After losing 125 pounds following her Lap Band surgery in 1999, the talk show host says she still found ways to eat more than she should.

“The band was not the solution to my weight struggles, as I had hoped it would be. It was just like everything else, you find a way around it,” she writes on her diet blog. “And I found out that if I had a glass of wine, it loosened it up and I could eat whatever I wanted, so it became redundant.”

Likewise, fitness and nutrition expert JJ Virgin, who also starred on TLC’s reality series Freaky Eaters, says weight loss surgery is “absolutely not” the ultimate cure-all.

Studies show bariatric surgery can reduce risks for diabetes, sleep apnea, and other problems,” Virgin told Celebuzz. “But a very recent study showed it’s also expensive and doesn’t improve overall health or increase lifespan.”

“There are risks involved with the surgery, and someone considering it would need to weigh those risks with any potential benefits,” she continued, adding that it should only be considered if the person has exhausted all other options, including working with practitioners to address potential hormone issues, following a balanced diet, completing high-intensity interval training and addressing psychological issues.

Virgin also tells CB! that opting for surgery is not a quick fix… and even post-surgery weight gain is likely to occur.

“The problem is a lack of long-term behavioral and nutritional counseling to make this change lasting. If the person goes back to eating the way they did pre-surgery, eventually they will gain some or all of that weight back,” she said.

“So could it be helpful?” Virgin asked. “Sure, depending on the person undergoing it who works with professionals post-surgery to make fast fat loss lasting fat loss.”

Launch the gallery above to see 10 stars who’ve had weight-loss surgery. Then tell us: What do you think of it? Would you ever consider a surgical procedure to lose weight?

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