Inside Day 2 Of Lilo’s ‘Anger Management’ Shoot

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Sure, Lindsay Lohan has had a well-documented series of late arrival snafus in the past — that’s public knowledge. But contrary to reports, we hear that the 26-year-old isn’t making a mess of production schedules on the set of Charlie Sheen’s FX comedy, Anger Management.

“Day 2 was not a disaster,” an insider who was on-set Tuesday tells Celebuzzthat reports were blown out of proportion. “Lindsay had a late meeting and was no more than an hour late.”

Lohan is shooting a guest role on the comedy, which is set to air in April. She’ll be playing herself as a patient who goes to Sheen’s character for counseling before the relationship turns romantic.

And while some reports say that the star pushed the shoot out “several hours,” our source says it really wasn’t that serious. “They wrapped a bit later than they wanted, but got the shots and it was fantastic!”

Lohan’s appearance will coincide with a special first for the series. “The production also did something they never do – went off-set and on-location to shoot a critical storyline,” our source says.

“It’s great. Lindsay was such a sport!” the insider continues. “Charlie loved her. She was happy and wants to come back to the show.”

This was an onscreen reunion for Sheen and Lohan, who appeared together in the upcoming Scary Movie 5 and became friends (he has reportedly offered to be her mentor, as well as help pay down a tax debt). But, did she win over the rest of the Anger Management crew?

“Most of the cast were playful and laughed a lot during shooting,” the source says. “Lindsay even spiced up some of her lines, which were already great but [she] put her own twist on things. She was a hoot.”

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