Here’s What Hollywood Had To Say About Easter

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It’s Easter, which means time for church, parades, chocolate and scary Easter bunnies.

Some celebrities marked the holiday with greetings and well wishes on Twitter and Instagram.

Paris Hilton gave a personal Easter shout out to Snoop Dogg/Lion, along with a snapshot of herself in pink bunny ears, while Justin Timberlake reflected on Cadbury Cream Eggs and Reese’s Chocolate/Peanut Butter Eggs.

For Tori Spelling, it was all about making the house Easter friendly for her kids: “Any other grown women creeping thru their yard at the break of dawn hiding small multi colored objects in bushes? #EasterBaby,” she wrote early Sunday morning.

See what else Hollywood had to say, after the jump.

Kim Kardashian: “Happy Easter everyone!!!”

Justin Timberlake: “What do y’all know about Cadbury Cream Eggs though..? Reese’s Chocolate/Peanut Butter Eggs?? Y’all don’t hear me… Happy Easter!!”

Nick Jonas: “Happy Easter everyone”

Julie Bowen: “HAPPY EAStER! Lets reschedule the preachy talk about a sugar and gluten free diets until after the jelly bean gorging. #gluttonforgluten”

Justin Bieber: “Easter. #Blessed”

Julianne Hough: “On our way to church for Easter Sunday!”

Katherine Heigl: “Happy Easter to everyone out there today!”

Nathan Followill (Kings of Leon): “Happy Easter from our little bunny to yours.”

Alexa Vega: “HAPPY EASTER! Praise be to God for our Lord Jesus Christ! In his mercy he has given us new birth through the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Rebel Wilson: “HAPPY EASTER everyone! I’m hunting chocolate bunnies with my mouth!”

Snooki: “Happy Easter! Have an amazing day!!”

Tori Spelling: “Any other grown women creeping thru their yard at the break of dawn hiding small multi colored objects in bushes? #EasterBaby . . . When Hattie awoke this am… First thing I hear her say on her monitor: EGGIES! My littlest lady is ready for Easter. #HolidayMoments”

Paris Hilton: “The Easter Bunny chilling with @SnoopDogg. Happy Easter everyone!”

Bethenny Frankel: “Happy Easter my cute little twitter bunnies!”

Geri Halliwell: “The rabbit did not poop choc eggs , there wasn’t a big enough gap btwn bf and lunch , I feel sick , ate too much mince.”

JWoww: “Happy Easter everyone!!! Love u all! Have an amazing day :)”

Russell Crowe: “Happy Easter to all the villagers”

Tyra Banks: “Pls eat all my chocolate bunnies for me since I can’t stand chocolate.”

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