And Your March Music Madness Champion Is…

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16 musicians. Three weeks of voting. More than 55,000 votes cast. And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the unveiling of the March Music Madness champion:


A huge congrats to Britney and all of your adoring fans!

Visit the March Music Madness page to retrace Britney’s path to victory. Then, join us below for the ultimate Britney Spears GIF party!

Let’s celebrate Britney’s victory! The one, the only!


Awwwwww yessssssssss, your favs could never!

Bow down!


Get it, Brit!

Remember when Lady Gaga almost beat her?!

But then you were all like, “LOL NO WAY!” and won the vote with less than one percent?!

And remember how the awkward final battle pitted her against Justin Timberlake?

But you didn’t let it get to you. You whooped his butt with nearly 90% of the vote, because that’s how you do.

Congrats again, Britney! And thanks to everyone who voted all month long.