Star-Crossed Lovers?

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'Carrie Diaries' Gay Issues
Amy B. Harris talks marriage equality, writing gay characters.
Fans of The Carrie Diaries’ coupling of Sebastian (Austin Butler) and Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) should keep an eye on their boy. With just two episodes left in The CW show’s season, the couple is in for some bumps in the road.

Much of that has to do with Carrie’s need to over think everything — a blessing and a curse when it comes to her relationship with Sebastian.

“[Carrie] thinks about things in a different way than most girls in high school do,” Butler tells reporters of what attracts Sebastian to Carrie at a recent screening of Monday’s episode.

“She understands things on this deeper level,” he continues. “It’s a more vulnerable place to have that deep connection with a person. But that always ends in some type of pain, because it ends up ripping your heart out rather than some sort of superficial relationship.”

Sebastian definitely serves a distinct purpose in this chapter of young Carrie’s life. Monday’s episode revolves around the launch of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” tour and is all about first times. Sebastian tells Carrie he loves her, but her first inclination is to blurt out that she wants to have sex with him — meaning, she wants him to be her first. But, that (strangely enough for a high school boy) isn’t what he’s looking for.

“I think Sebastian really wants to be a connected person to somebody and he doesn’t have parents who have given him that, and Carrie feels like a real connection, but it’s been exhausting,” executive producer Amy B. Harris explains.

“It’s not easy to be with someone who wants to talk about their feelings, and Carrie is someone who can’t not say [their feelings] and in a way that’s wonderful for someone like Sebastian. And on the other hand, it could be a long journey with someone like that.”

Of course, as much as we want Carrie and Sebastian to work, we know that she ultimately doesn’t end up with him. So, how does Butler approach the part when he knows this relationship is destined to fail?

“I heard that when Daniel Day Lewis was playing Lincoln, he went to the museum, the Lincoln museum, and didn’t go into the room past when he was assassinated, because he didn’t need to know anything past that,” Butler, 21, explains. “So he wouldn’t look at the pillow that had the blood on it and everything.”

“I kind of feel that way, I have to put the blinders on and put my focus into what is happening right then, and the feeling of love and the feeling of heartbreak and everything that’s happening right now, and not ever focus on what is happening in the future.”

Harris adds, “Personally for me, when my high school boyfriend and I, when I left for college, even though I knew I wasn’t going to marry him, we were 17 years old, but I cried for three-and-a-half hours out of the four hours with my parents, because it was the most devastating thing because I actually understood that my first love was going to disappear and I was going to go on to do different things and we both were. And that for me feels real, and there is so much jeopardy.”

“It doesn’t change that I didn’t know what the future was for me and who was going to be my Mr. Big, but you just feel it all even sometimes more painfully.”

The Carrie Diaries airs Mondays at 8PM on The CW.

How do you feel about Sebastian and Carrie’s love affair? Can you relate?

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