Make Like Jennifer Lawrence And Don’t Let A Neck Injury Ruin A Good Hair Day

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We have no idea if this David O. Russell film will stick with the title, Abscam.  However, I can tell you this: I am loving every single candid coming from the set.

Christian Bale‘s combover.  Bradley Cooper’s perm.  Jennifer Lawrence‘s hair.  All of it is working for me.

Add to that Jennifer Lawrence’s oversized hoop earrings, sunglasses and a neck brace, and I’ve already set aside money for a movie ticket.

Did I mention that this is taking place in my home state?  And did I also mention that new photos of Lawrence being driven around were taken in the great city of Woburn, just a stone’s throw from my childhood home?

Jennifer Lawrence: If you’re reading this, go to the 99 and order one/all of the following 1) Lobster roll (seasonal) 2) A quartino of their finest wine or 3) Boneless buffalo wings.