WATCH: What Does This ‘Revenge’ Star Have In Common With Angelina Jolie?

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Revenge actress Christa B. Allen never fails to disappoint when it comes to fashion on and off camera, but one accessory she’s ready to do away with forever… well, was actually meant to be there forever.

On the top of her biggest regrets list, she confesses to Celebuzz, is her tattoo which — like Angelina Jolie before her — is quickly getting removed.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done,” Allen told CB! of the prophetic etching on her right foot.

“It’s written in Gaelic because I’m of Irish descent and it means ‘you’re feet will bring you to where you’re heart is,’ which I believe. It will be gone, but the sentiment is always there.”

And since the 21-year-old has a low pain threshold, getting the body ink gone for good sounds like it’ll now top her most painful experiences list.

“As painful as getting a tattoo is, getting it removed is at least 30 times more painful,” said the actress.

So she confesses it would be nice to have a helping hand to squeeze… that is, if Brad Pitt can spare his wife-to-be.

“I mean it took me two months to work up the courage to go back for a second session. We need to go together. Someone call Angelina, I need someone’s hand to squeeze.” 

But don’t look for her to make the same mistake twice. You won’t be seeing this actress with Jolie’s too-many-too-count body art.

“I’ve never disliked the tattoo. I just think it’s inappropriate for actresses to have tattoos,” Allen said.

For more on why Allen is saying a painful goodbye to her tattoo, watch the video above.

Whose celeb name would you get tattooed on your body? Or do you have one already? Let us know below.

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