Hey, Nicki! Call Me…Maybe

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Cher Lloyd needs a little alone time.

The U.K. starlet – who got toes tapping in the States with last year’s “Want U Back” – is currently prepping her sophomore album, but she’s not exactly calling in the big guns for help.

“I want to do my thing for a little bit,” she told Celebuzz at Wednesday’s Fruttare event in NYC, where she helped launch the fruit bar’s official U.S. debut. “I want to feel like I don’t have to have someone there to help me push a single or push my album.”

“On my last album, which was my debut, I worked with a lot of people – but now I feel like this is my album, and I want to do me.”

Unless, of course, a certain someone calls her…maybe.

“That’s not to say if Nicki Minaj comes forward I won’t say no,” she added with a laugh.

Cher’s clearly not adverse to high-profile playdates: next up for the former U.K. X-Factor contestant is – well, yeah – a duet with a really big pop star. Her partner in crime? None other than Ne-Yo, and their collaboration is bound to be sweet: it’s a song for Fruttare, and fans are being asked to help inspire its lyrics via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Click here for more info.)

He was even on hand at the Fruttare launch, along with some really good popsicles. (And we’re not just saying that because we hope the Fruttare people will send us a box. Or two.)

What else has Cher been up to? Not watching American Idol like the rest of us, for one: the 19-year-old says she’s been too busy to tune in and see Randy, Mariah, Keith and that lady she just might want to work with critique a crop of singers who are starting out just like she did.

But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have some advice for Candice, Angie, Amber, Kree and Janelle. Oh, and Laz too.

“It’s not the position you make in the competition – it’s what you take out of it,” she said. “I tend to see many contestants get to sixth place, fifth place, and they start to crumble because they feel like they didn’t win so they’re not good enough to go forward.

“But I finished fourth, and the next day I asked will.i.am if I could go into the studio with him. And that was just me asking him. It’s not about what everyone else does for you – it’s what you do for yourself.

So take note, Idol kids: Get Mariah’s digits and call her. Maybe.

For our full interview with Cher, watch the video above. Then tell us: Do you think Cher and Nicki would make a magical match? And when it comes to American Idol, who do you think will be crowned this year’s champ? Put on your judge’s hat and head to the comments section.