Justin Bieber’s Hair-volution

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Justin Bieberchanges his hairstyle like it’s going out of style.

His latest side-swept look, which was named after DJ Skrillex, has been spotted on the likes of female fad makers Rihanna and Miley Cyrus. (You know what they say — imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)

But the hairdo is getting some hair don’ts from his millions of fans after it debuted on Twitter this week.

One upset Belieber wrote: “I will always support justin bieber no matter what but his new haircut is hideous and for me to say that it must be true.” While another posted: “Justin Bieber looks like a lesbian with his new haircut.”

But not all of his fans were so easily put off by their idol, with one smitten followers saying: “The new hairstyle is different… but you know I love you no matter what haircut you get @justinbieber xxxxx.”

But when it comes to his coif, the 19-year-old doesn’t seem to care what anyone else thinks.

The pop star has run the gamut from his Beatles-style mop-top to a sleek Rat Pack look — and we’re not forgetting his most recent pompadour quiff.

So, take a look at Bieber’s very own hair evolution by clicking through CB!’s gallery, above.

Tell us what you think — does Bieber have a hair do or don’t? Leave your comments.

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