12 Photos That Sum Up Coachella’s Irritating Hipster Nonsense

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Nothing could be less appealing than the promise of a weekend music festival deep in the (hot, dry) Coachella Valley, where the ticket holders don’t bathe and everyone’s off their rockers on heaven-knows-what.

We’ve all seen evidence of this in years past, with Vanessa Hudgens as the Grand Marshall and Paris Hilton as that aging fan who has no business dressing like such a hipster (*eyes Melanie Griffith in her pantaloons*).

Don’t get me wrong. ¬†With the right line-up and a low occupancy, a music festival can be f-u-n. ¬†However, judging from the pictures I’ve come across of Hudgens spinning around in circles, I don’t have the tolerance for such behavior.

In the words of Jack Donaghy: “Never go with a hippie [or in our case, hipster] to a second location.”