Changing Tastes: Celebs MTV Audiences Loved From 1992-1996

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For five years, the MTV Movie Awards had a Most Desirable Male category. (It stopped in 1997, for reasons unknown; Leonardo DiCaprio would have won, anyway.)

Most of the choices made sense at the time — with the exception of maybe William Baldwin, who, like the movie he won for (Sliver), is probably worth forgetting about.

See who won in their respective years, below, compared to what they look like today.

Keanu Reeves for Point Break (1992)

Christian Slater for Untamed Heart (1993)

William Baldwin for Sliver (1994)

Brad Pitt for Interview With a Vampire (1995)

Brad Pitt Again for Seven (1996)

For the record, the actresses who won Most Desirable Female were: Linda Hamilton, for Terminator 2: Judgement Day; Sharon Stone, for Basic Instinct; Janet Jackson, for Poetic Justice; Sandra Bullock, for Speed; and Alicia Silverstone, for Clueless

The MTV Movie Awards air tonight at 9PM