Has Britney Spears Finally Found Mr. Right?

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With an estimated fortune of $200 millionBritney Spears has more money than her new boyfriend David Lucadocould ever dream about.

But despite the fact that she’s an international superstar and he’s just a humble legal assistant, his uncle believes the pair is actually well suited.

“Listen, David was raised on a farm in Virginia and Britney is from the south, so I think that they probably have a lot in common,” Thomas Lucado told Celebuzz.

“I know Britney has had some hard times, but I read recently that she went to church with her family for Easter Sunday and she shops at normal supermarkets too.”

Despite finding fame and fortune, the Louisiana-born songbird has not always had the best of luck with the opposite sex.

The mom-of -two split up with her fiancé Jason Trawick in January, before enduring two failed marriages with Jason Alexanderand Kevin Federline.

But it looks like she might have a change of luck with the hunky 27-year-old.

The pair went public after going on a Valentine’s Day date to a sushi restaurant and David taught her some golf lessons — and since then their relationship has taken off.

They’ve been photographed walking hand-in-hand around her Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood and even took their love on the road during a trip to Las Vegas with her manager Larry Rudolph.

And now there are rumors that the pair has been spending more time together at the “Scream & Shout” singer’s massive $8.5 million Thousand Oaks, Calif. estate in California.

Even though there’s a sizable difference in their bank accounts, Thomas isn’t surprised that the superstar has fallen hard for his handsome nephew.

“David is a great guy, he is humble and very down-to-earth,” he said. “He’s a very easy-going and likeable person who has no trouble making new friends.

“He was an ‘A’ student and loved playing golf and was also a great debater at high school. My nephew is a wonderful and smart guy.”

Thomas is looking forward to the day that his nephew brings his pop star girlfriend to meet his family who call Appomattox, Virginia, home.

Although he readily admits that his modest home is a million miles away from the luxurious surroundings that Brit has become accustomed to back in California.

“We are pretty much out in the sticks here and I guess Britney and her team of stylists and hairdressers would have to travel quite a ways to get their supplies, but we would love to met her all the same!” he joked.

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