‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion Part 2 Recap: Kim Zolciak Returns

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Kim Zolciak makes a special appearance, only to be placed in the hot seat, while Phaedra Parks is accused of creating family conflict on the second part of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Part 2 of the reunion special shined a spotlight on RHOA alum Kim’s Anguilla no show, along with allegations Phaedra attempted to cause NeNe Leakes family discord.

Here are some of shocking moments of Sunday night’s special episode:

Phaedra’s family feud with NeNe backfires: All season it seemed like these two got along better than they did last year — but it turned out there was some tension below the surface on NeNe’s side. Ms. Leakes finally revealed she wasn’t digging Phaedra because the legal eagle tried to cause a rift between she and her estranged sisters! According to NeNe, Phae-Phae tried to get her sisters to give up some dirt and come on the show to expose NeNe’s past. While Phaedra admited she is friendly with NeNe’s kin, she denied trying to cause any strife between the women — something NeNe and Kenya cry foul on. Nonetheless, Phaedra apologized for any harm NeNe felt was done in order to end their tiff. Why apologize if the friendship was innocent, Phae-Phae?

Kim’s excuses come home to roost: Who wasn’t shocked to see former RHOA’s Kim return at the reunion to discuss declining to attend the Anguilla trip? We thought it would be a cold day in hell the “Don’t Be Tardy For The Party” singer would ever sit down with these women, but she did in order to clear up the misconceptions surrounding her famous exit. Kim maintained she never agreed to come along because of her due date being so near, though host Andy Cohen pipes up and begs to differ. Andy stated production staff confirmed with Kim herself she would attend the couples vacation. While Kim denied the entire thing, the ladies (and viewers) finally saw Kim’s excuses run out.

NeNe’s not a flirty girl: We all saw NeNe become a bit flirtatious with Cynthia Bailey’s hubby Peter Thomas once the model debuted in season 3, but The New Normal and Glee star would tell you otherwise. NeNe claimed Phaedra and former RHOA’s Sheree Whitfield tried to crush her rekindled romance with ex-husband/ fiancé Gregg with lies she was attempting to creep with Peter. As NeNe’s co-stars explained, they knew she wasn’t really interested in Peter it was all harmless flirting. NeNe insisted she’d never do such a thing with BFF Cynthia’s man. Even Andy chimed in and said he thought NeNe was being flirty but in a playful way, but NeNe stuck to her guns they were barking up the wrong tree. NeNe, you know its bad if Andy calls you out on something. Own up to it and move on already!

Kash-gate rages on: If Kandi Burruss’ lawsuit against Kim wasn’t bad enough, the former pals bickering over who came up with the name Kash just sealed their friendship coffin shut. Kandi reiterated once again: she told Kim about wanting to her name her future son Kash, only to have Kim steal the name right out from under her. Kim balked at the allegations levied at her, stating she created an LLC in Kash’s name way before she discussed the name with Kandi as husband Kroy presented papers to back things up. Did anyone else get a sense of déjà vu between these women battling over a name, like Charlotte did on Sex and the City?

NeNe and Kim, friends again?: The moment the women’s friendship ended, RHOA-nuts (and Andy) prayed for the day NeNe and Kim would repair their relationship. We thought acid washed jeans would return in style before those two ever became friends once again, but the duo stunned us all by burying the hatchet with a hug! How long will it stay that way and not in someone’s back is anyone else’s guess.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Phaedra claiming she made Kenya Moore “relevant.” I guess Kenya’s pesky Miss USA title didn’t do a thing for her, huh Phaedra?

Thank you, TV gods.: Andy and Cynthia calling Phaedra out for lying about trashing the model for not attending her son’s birthday.

Awk-ward: Kim watching the women rejoice she left the show and didn’t come on their Anguilla trip. Ouch!

Hotness: Kim’s get up for the reunion. Not bad for a woman who just had a baby. Plus, she actually showed her real hair!

Fab-u-lous: Andy’s suit. I guess he’s not trying to let these women outshine him!

Can. Not. Wait.: To see Apollo and Kenya’s confrontation on who’s trying to seduce who.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

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