Alison Brie Does Her Best Meme Impressions

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Although she’s best known for her roles on fan-favorite shows Mad Men and Community, Alison Brie has also become an Internet star in her own right.

Well, today, the brunette half of the Alison Brie and Gillian JacobsPin-Up Special is back online — and she’s taking on some other Internet superstars in the process.

Interviewed by Paul F. Tompkins, Brie does her best to impersonate several popular memes, like Grumpy Cat and the Ermahgerd girl. She manages to pull off an impressive Grumpy Cat, though her Unflattering Beyoncé could use some work.

The highlight of the video is, however, when Brie and Tompkins team up to take on the complex Hadoken pose, in which Brie risks her life, limb and coccyx for her art.

In a separate video, Tompkins implores Brie, a popular subject of GIFs, to create some less-than-flattering poses for the Internet to take advantage of.

Well, Alison, you asked for it:

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