Check Out The New Trailer For ‘The Lone Ranger’

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Here’s another trailer to prepare moviegoers for the summer blockbuster season.

Following the footsteps of Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness, which unleashed brand new trailers earlier this week, Walt Disney Pictures released the final theatrical trailer for The Lone Ranger on Wednesday.

The film, starring Armie Hammer as the title character and Johnny Depp as spirit warrior Tonto, is based on the popular TV show of the same name from back in the day, as well as a radio show from the ‘30s.

The new trailer, which runs for some 2 minutes and 32 seconds, reveals more witty dialogue between the film’s lead characters, along with new scenes featuring Helena Bonham Carter, who plays Red Harrington.

Hammer, 26, most recently appeared in the 2012 Snow White film Mirror Mirror alongside Julia Roberts and Lily Collins, while Depp, 49, was last seen in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

The Lone Ranger, directed by Gore Verbinski and co-produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, opens nationwide on July 3.

Are you looking forward to ‘The Lone Ranger?’