See The Complete History Of Pop Music In Under Four Minutes And Other Funny Things

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Memes, memes, the magical fruit, the more you eat, the more you… laugh!

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What more is there to say, really? We should just get this Celebrity Meme Roundup underway, right? Let’s do it! Remember to share your favorite memes by leaving a link in the comments or by tweeting them to us using the hashtag #CelebuzzMemes.

Here’s 1,000 years’ worth of pop music in four minutes:

Remember that time Vanessa Hudgens went to Coachella and we laughed?

(Via BuzzFeed)

One of the week’s highlights was definitely when Alison Brie did meme impressions:

(Via ONTD)

Let’s play Mystery Date with the cast of Parks and Recreation!

(Via Hobo Lunchbox)

How about a supercut featuring every Alfred Hitchcock cameo ever?

Good news for gay Lord of the Rings characters everywhere!

A twist ending for How I Met Your Mother:

And here’s some Kim-spiration for anyone who may be in the market for a new desktop theme:

Let us end this meme party with a cat who’s learned to score soap operas. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s not very hard…)

And with that, we end this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup. But it doesn’t really have to end here. Send us your favorite memes and macros by using the widget below:

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See you next week!