6 Stories You May Have Missed

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What caused Farrah Abraham to lash out at Dr. Phil? Which actress was Zac Efron extremely nervous about filming a sex scene with? Plus, which boyband has finally earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Celebuzz has compiled some of Monday’s trending stories.

Farrah Abraham Blows Up During Interview

The former Teen Mom star threw quite the fit on Dr. Phil after she was hit with some tough questions. Watch the clip on The Stir.

Sex Gives Zac Efron Anxiety

The High School Musical actor was very nervous about filming a sex scene with Heather Graham for their upcoming movie. Find out why on TooFab.

Kelly Osbourne Not Happy With Divorce Rumors

The Fashion Police host tweeted on Monday that she is going to “lose her mind” if she reads another ridiculous story about her parents. See what else Osbourne tweeted this past weekend at Gossip Cop.

Backstreet Boys Receive Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star

After 20 years, the boys have finally earned their well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hollywood.com has the details.

Amanda Bynes Celebrates 4/20…At The Gym

According to reports, the actress was kicked out of a gym, and her membership revoked, after she was caught smoking weed in the women’s locker room. Huffington Post has the scoop.

Michael Jackson’s Body Double Case Could Be Raised In Trial

The rumors of impersonators being used at concerts in order to disguise the singer’s poor health in the months leading up to his death, could be raised in the on-going trial between the Jackson family and AEG. Fox News has the full story.