Don’t Worry, Biebs — Drug Case In Sweden Will Be Closed

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Justin Bieber can breathe a sigh of relief because he won’t be questioned in the drug raid that took place on his tour bus in Sweden April 25, police tell Celebuzz.

Case closed. (Phew!)

“Justin will not be questioned because no one was on the bus when we searched it. So you don’t know who to press charges against,” Press Officer with the Stockholm County Police Kjell Lengren told CB!

“As far as I know there is no further case.”

According to Lengren, a policeman at the concert smelled a suspicious odor coming from Biebs’ tour bus in the garage and called it in to have it searched.

“It was suspected someone was using drugs and a small about of suspected marijuana or hash was found,” Lengren said, adding that lab test results will be ready in about 14 days.

Authorities also uncovered an electric stun gun on the bus, which is another big legal no-no in the Scandinavian country.

“Justin’s not allowed to have narcotics or electric tasers in Sweden and as far as we know he did not have permission,” Lengren said.

But anyone who was on the bus is now off scot-free.

“There was no one on the bus when it was searched. Everyone had already left to go to the concert.

“Because the bus was empty we have no suspect to describe or question. So we don’t know who to question.

“We don’t know who was in it when it left the Grand Hotel (where Bieber was staying). We’ve got to have a reason to question somebody in Sweden and we didn’t. So we can’t just pick anyone. We try to find the right suspect.

“We also don’t know when it [the suspected marijuana and electric stun gun) was put on the bus or if it had been there for a long time. The bus came from Norway so it could have been put on the bus before.

“That is why we can’t question them.”

Bieber is scheduled to perform in Helsinki, Finland on April 26.

“We are waiting for the results from the lab,” added Lengren. “I think the case will be closed when the results come in.

“We got the drugs and the electric gun, so we will have to be satisfied with that.”

This isn’t the first time Biebs has run into some legal hot water while on tour… and had something taken away by authorities. As reported by Celebuzz, his cute capuchin Mally was confiscated by German customs officials after Biebs brought the baby monkey into the country on his private jet last month because he didn’t have the official paperwork.

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