Marisa Zanuck Confirms She’s Moving Out Of 90210

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After one season as a Beverly Hills housewife, Marisa Zanuck is saying goodbye for good to the ladies of 90210, she confirms exclusively to Celebuzz.

After hinting about a departure in her blog late last month, Zanuck says she is not going to make up any excuses about why she won’t be back for season 4 of the hit Bravo series: “I wasn’t asked back,” she revealed. “It’s as simple as that and I’m okay with it.”

While rumors have run rampant that celebs like Lisa Rinna and Leann Rimes might be filling some empty stilettos, Yolanda Foster has confirmed she’ll be turning up the drama queen for a fourth season. As CB! reported, Adrienne Maloof won’t be part of the new cast, and Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor Armstrongare still up in the air.

As for Zanuck, she’s at peace with Bravo’s decision and looks forward to the next chapter in her life.

Housewives was a once in a lifetime experience and I am grateful that Bravo gave me the opportunity to step into their crazy world,” said Zanuck. “I have no regrets and nothing but love for the amazing viewers that were so kind to take time out of their day and reach out to me on Twitter and comment on my blogs. We will definitely keep in touch.”

In fact, Zanuck’s candidness is quite the departure from former housewives Sheree Whitfield and Danielle Staub, who had reportedly both claimed they quit the series despite numerous reports that they were unceremoniously let go.

The only housewives that are known to have quit the series for their own spinoffs are Bethenny Frankel and Kim Zolciak, while Zanuck’s former co-star Camille Grammer and former housewife of New Jersey Dina Manzo left to start a clean slate.

“Let’s be honest, nobody is going to quit the show unless they have a spinoff because they either need the money or have a business to promote,” Zanuck told Celebuzz. “If a housewife doesn’t fall into those two categories, then perhaps she was attracted to the show by the lure of fame and in that case won’t be giving it up anytime soon.”

That said, Zanuck is not judging anyone for holding on to their 15 minutes: “Reality television is not for everyone and requires a thick skin, you go from obscurity to opening yourself up to millions of people and have to face the scrutiny and criticism,” she said.

“I have learned that it is pointless to judge others for the decisions they make because it has nothing to do with me.”

So will Zanuck return to reality TV?

“I’m not sure. I think the danger of reality television is that some people can become consumed by it,” she said.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was not my life — it was a very, very small part of my life, a moment in time that has passed.

“I’m not the kind of person that is desperate to be on television, and the truth is, that Housewives, Selling L.A. and Million Dollar Listing L.A. found me,” she added, confirming reports that she’ll appear on the next season of another popular Bravo series.

“I was asked to film Million Dollar Listing L.A. and had a lot of fun.”

Zanuck stresses that if she returns to television, it will be on her own terms — maybe even as a producer, like her movie mogul husband, Dean Zanuck.

“I was approached to do another real estate show on Bravo, but I ultimately decided to pass,” Zanuck said. “I have access to the greatest minds in the entertainment industry and the Zanucks are very well respected and accomplished.

“If I do television again, I will tap into my resources and produce it, it will be authentic and you won’t see me partaking in any frivolous catfights… I tried acting already and wasn’t asked back,” she joked.

Zanuck says she’s enjoying her life and getting ready to expand her real estate business.

“I’m taking a break at the moment because in a few weeks I’m going to start a major business project,” she said, keeping mum on the details.

“I can say that it has nothing to do with television and everything to do with real estate and I am very excited about it.”

“I’m back to living my reality and enjoying every minute of it.”

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