Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Went To Disneyland For Their Anniversary

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When you’re Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, celebrating your wedding anniversary shouldn’t involve anything less than a party fit for a queen and her king.

On Tuesday night, the couple got all dressed up in their fairytale best and headed to Disneyland, Calif., where they celebrated their fifth year of marriage by renewing their vows.

“Happy 5th(!!!!!!) Anniversary to the Best Husband  in All The Land & 2 years ago pon de delivery room=luckiest Mommy in The WORLD! #HappyBirthdayDemBabies! #iluvroc&roe!!!! Just felt like tweeting you before sunset on #4:30,” Mimi wrote on Instagram before the celebrations.

The evening was extra special (as it has been for the past two years for the couple): their twins Monroe and Moracco celebrated their second birthdays.

The twins also got dressed up to match Carey’s princess style bridal gown and Cannon’s Prince Charming outfit.

Throughout the night, Carey provided her fans with some fun Vine clips and Twitter updates.

Here she is getting her makeup done:


Here’s one with “mommy and princess Monroe”:


Here’s Mimi having a diva moment


Here’s the couple making their grand entrance:

Last year, the couple renewed their vows in Paris, France.

[Photos courtesy of Twitter]