6 Stories You May Have Missed

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Celebuzz has the scoop on Thursday’s trending stories from around the web.

Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest Video Released… And It’s Crazy

The dashcam video of Witherspoon’s arrest has been released and you won’t believe what the actress says to the police. Watch the video from TMZ, below.

Beyonce’s Diva Tour Demands Will Shock You

The singer reportedly has some interesting demands on tour, from requiring everyone to wear 100% cotton to demanding red toilet paper. Huffington Post has the scoop.

Is Katy Perry A ‘Devil Child’?

That’s what her dad says, among other harsh criticisms of his daughter. Read what else he had to say on FOX News, and find out who consoled the singer during a recent breakdown on Us Weekly.

Amanda Bynes As Iron Man?

Hollywood.com gives us a peek at what they’d like to see as the 42 Iron Man suits that make up Tony Stark’s closet, including an Amanda Bynes-themed suit.

When Did The Stars Lose Their Virginity?

TooFab has the scoop on when some of your favorite celebrities lost their v-card, including Kim Kardashian, Johnny Depp, Megan Fox, and others.

Did Robert Pattinson Give Kristen Stewart A Lie Detector Test?

The actor reportedly pranked his on-again, off-again girlfriend with a lie detector test. Is it true? Gossip Cop clears up the rumor.