‘I’m an American Citizen’ And Other Choice Things Reese Witherspoon Said While Getting Arrested

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Footage from Reese Witherspoon’s now-infamous April 19 leaked to TMZ on Thursday, and it’s just as embarrassing as the police report led us all to believe.

They basically all have to do with her being American. Here are the best quotes:

– “I’m a US citizen. I’m allowed to stand on American ground and ask any question I want to ask.”

– “I’m an American citizen!”

– “This is harassment. You are harassing me as an American citizen.”

– “I’m being anti-American? Wow!”

And then, of course, the “Do you know my name?” quote, which, yep, really did happen.

Witherspoon was booked on disorderly conduct charges after her husband was pulled over and booked on a DUI. She has since apologized many, many times.