Queen Maxima of the Netherlands Leads The Tiara Parade

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Last Tuesday, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands followed in the footsteps of her mother and grandmother by abdicating the throne.  This practice isn’t unheard of, but it certainly isn’t the norm in most royal cases.  Beatrix made the announcement on January 28th of this year, prompting many to ask, “Would Queen Elizabethdo the same?”

The simple answer is “no.”  Even in her last years, Queen Victoria was still sovereign, despite others carrying out the day-to-day duties that Her Majesty could not.

Beatrix celebrated her retirement with a formal dinner on April 29th, followed by a ceremony for her son’s inauguration April 30th.  The Dutch throne now belongs to King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima, who joins Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and the Duchess of Cambridgeas Europe’s style stars.

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