20 Of Hollywood’s Most Curvacious And Beautiful Bodies

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What’s sexier than a woman showing off her curves?  Even before Marilyn Monroe showed off her hourglass figure, Mae West was giving the boys something to think about.

These days, women pay good money to have themselves sculpted to look more like Beyonce,Sofia Vergara and Kate Winslet.

Um, herroh.  There’s a much safer/cheaper/smarter way to shake that tail feather than going for broke.  For example, you’ll hear stars talking about how certain undergarments are their saving grace for red carpet events.

Might I suggest shapewear from Dr. Rey?  The former Dr. 90210‘s line is reasonably priced, keeps the wobbly bits in place and won’t prevent you from activities such as breathing, moving and turning your torso left and right.

See?  Don’t you look zexy.