What It’s Like To Be The Ex-Boyfriend of ‘Back Door Teen Mom’ Right Now

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Farrah Abraham recently called out the “loser-ass boys” she dated via home video as part of the reason she turned from Teen Mom to adult film star.

One of her exes (a self-proclaimed non-loser-ass) tells Celebuzz the flurry of attention his ex-girl’s sex tape with porn starJames Deen has received has not been a fun ride.

“It’s completely embarrassing,” Marcel Kaminstein told CB!.

The mother-of-one just brokered the $1.5 million deal with Vivid Entertainment to release her first porn film — and she’s been the target of a barrage of backlash ever since (Dr. Drew even chimed in to the debate, chastising her for making “horrible, horrible choices”.)

Kaminstein said that although the thought of her having sex on camera is cringe-worthy, neither he nor his friends really care all that much about her porn future.

“My friends never really liked her. She was extremely rude,” said Kaminstein, who dated Abraham for three months after meeting her on JDate. “She doesn’t come off as a very nice person. It has to do with her being a little bit of a diva and something to do with fact that she’s always on and upholding an image rather than just being herself.

“I was surprised how she chose to create and release the tape, being with a porn star,” he added. “I would have thought she would take the Paris Hilton route if she really wanted to do one.”

Kaminstein gives Abraham some credit for how far she’s come since they knew each other.

“She’s young and will make plenty of mistakes as we all do, it’s part of growing up,” said Kaminstein, who broke things off with the former MTV star in early 2012. “But I must say she has come a very long way from being 16, pregnant and broke.

“I tried to always give her the best advice for her work and future.”

Despite the recent turn of events, her ex says it could have been much worse for the reality star given her upbringing.

“Farrah had a very rough life that I would not wish on anyone, yet in the face of tremendous adversity from her unsupportive parents, friends and family that use her for money, tragic death of her baby daddy, a very tough MTV contract, and having a child at a young age, I would say she has shown herself to be very successful,” Kaminstein added.

“We came from very different backgrounds and it just wasn’t working out,” said the Florida entrepreneur, who owns a jewelry business and touring company Live The Tour.

Kaminstein insists he probably won’t watch Back Door Teen Mom  anytime soon but…

“I’m sure I’m probably going to watch it when my friends call me and say they’ve seen my ex girlfriend.”