Kate Moss Poses Nude For St. Tropez

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Kate Moss wants the world to know she has a tan.

As the body face of St. Tropez, the English model strips down to her bronzed birthday suit for the tanning lotion brand’s latest campaign.

Though it’s really to no one’s surprise that the 39-year-old has chosen to appear nude in the ad. After all, she’s the one who said having sun-kissed skin all the encouragement she needs to get naked.

Moss says:

“When you’ve got a tan it definitely helps with your confidence. You just feel better. You look in the mirror and think: ‘Ooh, I look quite healthy! I feel awful, but I look great!'” 

Um, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to feel awful regardless how tanned you are. But seeing how Moss barely cracks a smile in these adverts, maybe that’s exactly what she’s feeling inside.