22 Life Lessons From ‘The Office’

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After nine seasons, Dunder Mifflin is closing its doors forever.

Though NBC’s The Office has seen plenty of changes through its run, its humor and heart have always been the center of the show.

Starting out as an American remake of the famed British series, it has since blossomed into a show full of inside jokes and memorable quotes that will be forever be emblazoned on t-shirts everywhere. (“That’s what she said,” anyone?)

As the Scranton gang part ways in the swan song episode this Thursday, Celebuzz is taking a look back at what this show has taught loyal readers about beets, bears and Battlestar Galactica life.

1. This is NOT how you declare bankruptcy.

2. Nor is this how you create a PowerPoint presentation.

3. There’s such a thing as being feared and being loved at the same time.

4. Prison is scary, yo.

5. Humor is your Get Out of Jail Free card.

6. Stick to texting when it comes to romancing.

7. Food is very important.

8. Specifically ice cream.

9. Abraham Lincoln strongly disliked racism.

10. Bob Marley was REALLY demanding.

11. Remember your who you are.

12. Ask serious questions.

13. Your most embarrassing moments WILL follow you to the grave.

14. Guys think about marriage and stuff like that too.

15. Haters will hate.

16. This is pretty self-explanatory.

17. And this too.

18. There’s such a thing as being “too friendly.”

19. Cats make lovely companions.

20. Do what you love.

21. We’re all mad sometimes.

22. And lastly, the secret to The Office is…