Shakira and Usher Are Coming Back to ‘The Voice,’ Too

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Here’s some good news for those who enjoyed a break from Christina Aguilera (okay, fine, Cee Lo Green, too) on The Voice this season: is reporting that Shakira and Usher are finalizing deals to return to NBC’s top-rated program next spring.

The duo was initially brought on as swivel-chair fillers, of sorts, while Aguilera and Green took a break to focus on their music careers. To everyone’s surprise, they wound up keeping the show afloat in the ratings. So, duh, NBC wants them back. (For the record, Aguilera and Green are returning for season 5 in the fall.)

If all goes well, keeping Shakira and Usher will mark yet another smart move by a show that continues to save NBC from catastrophic disaster. Not only does it keep it fresh, it sets it apart from competitors like American Idol and The X Factor, which cannot seem to figure out what to do with their respective panels.

In the meantime, EW also says that host Carson Daly will be back for both seasons, regardless of what happens to Shakira and Usher. Yay?