Bill Hader ‘SNL’ Flashback: So Long, Stefon

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Tonight will be a bittersweet Saturday Night Live season finale.

Bill Hader take a final bow inside Studio 8H as one of its regular cast members after eight hilarious seasons. Over the years, he’s made his mark with characters like senile reporter Herb Welch, Italian talk-show host Vinny Vedecci, Dwayne the brother from the kissing family and one of the dudes from “The Californians” soap.

Hader’s also taken on impersonations of Julian Assange, Clint Eastwood, James Carville and Alan Alda.

But perhaps the character viewers will miss the most is Stefon Zolesky, the city guide who’s never missed a beat and has almost always cracked on “Weekend Update with Seth Meyers.”

Whether it’s a coincidence or a planned move, cheers to NBC for having Ben Affleck as host of the season 38 finale.

Stefon first appeared on SNL some five years ago, in a season 34 episode hosted by Affleck. The pair play brothers with a movie pitch, and Stefon’s debut is well, pure Stefon: longwinded sentences, interesting descriptions and words (“adult baby fantasy shots of diaper people,” “ripped midgets,” “sunburned jacked old man”) and a knack for making his co-stars break.

For those longing for more Stefon after SNL, here’s hoping Hader will return as a host (like Kristen Wiiglast week).

“Sometimes people say to me ‘I want a Stefon movie’ and I’m like, ‘You think you want a Stefon movie but then you’ll see the poster for it and think: ‘Wait, I don’t want this,’” he told GQ in its annual comedy issue.