Billboard Music Awards 2013: Worst Dressed Celebrities

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As sure as the stars shine bright, there were red carpet disasters at tonight’s Billboard Music Awards.  Some chick named Z La La (did I just date myself?) looked more like a Christmas tree decoration than a human.  Nicki Minaj could have landed on our best dressed list, had it not been for that crazy-ass look on her face and out-to-there hair.

Get it together, girls!  Just because the location says “Las Vegas” on the invite doesn’t mean you have to dress like….well.

Miley Cyrus.  Oh, Miley.  I liked you so much better with your ombre hair and hint-of-tummy action.  Now you look like an extra from the “What You Waiting For?” music video.

My eyes…they hurt.

Alyssa Milano, have you completely given up?  You have a show to promote, sister!