Justin Bieber’s Pet Monkey is Now Officially Germany’s Pet Affe

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Justin Bieber‘s pet monkey, Mally, is now Germany’s pet monkey, Mally.

The monkey’s ownership was officially transferred to the German state today, after Bieber failed to produce vaccination and import papers. Mally was originally seized March 28 after Bieber and Mally landed in Munich. The state quarantined the monkey and told Bieber he had until last Friday to produce the required papers. Since he did not, Mally had better add an umlaut to his name and develop a taste for schnitzel because Wilkommen in Deutschland!

Bieber has six weeks to contest the decision, but if his Twitter is any indication, Bieber is probably too busy for the pet he once called his “og” (original gangster).

It isn’t yet clear where Mally will live in Germany, though it’s possible he could be moved to a zoo, which will explain why the Munich Zoo becomes a top tourist destination for 14 year old girls in 2014.