‘Arrested Development’: Meet Season 4’s Slew Of Guest Stars

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Just like how there’s always money in the banana stand, there are always famous faces making appearances on Arrested Development.

Even in its fourth season, premiering on Netflix May 26, the cult comedy has managed to add more celebrities to its already-packed rosters of guest stars.

This upcoming season will see Saturday Night Live alum Kristen Wiig play a fresh-faced Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter), while funnyman Seth Rogen is suspected take on the role of her husband in his younger days, Geroge (Jeffrey Tambor).

In addition to the newcomers, fan favorites from the past will also be making  a comeback.

Who’s set to return? The Bluth family’s incompetent and sexually-confused lawyer, Barry Zuckerkorn? The man behind Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog, Bob Loblaw? Ann?

Launch the gallery above to find out.