Farrah Abraham Ticks Off Justin Bieber’s Neighbors

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Farrah Abraham isn’t feeling the neighborly love in Justin Bieber‘s ‘hood.

The owners of the mansion in the Biebs’ upscale Calabasas, CA nabe where the Backdoor Teen Mom was snapped browsing a $3.3 million property last week are none too pleased that she traipsed through their home and took photos of their private property, which are now plastered all over the internet.

“She took photos without our permission,” owner Eyal Erster told Celebuzz. “I wasn’t aware she was taking photos inside our house and I wasn’t aware they’d be published where they did.”

TMZ originally reported the story that the former MTV star was eyeing the five-bedroom, six-bath home listed for a steep $3,299,900.

“I wasn’t happy,” added Anat Erster. “It would have been nice if she asked us if it was okay and then to post it, but she didn’t.”

Abraham got into the uber-exclusive gated community known as The Oaks by using her (we use this loosely) celeb status.

“When the appointment was made they said she was a celebrity, but wouldn’t give her name for confidentiality,” said Anat. “It’s quite standard that celebrities look at homes in The Oaks and some like us to sign confidentiality agreements. So we trusted the realtor.”

But the sneaky reality star was snapped looking right at home in the pricey pad, even comfortably posing in their clothes-filled walk-in closet, master bedroom and taking in the view from the backyard.

In fact, it’s not Abraham’s penchant for partaking in adult films that irks the owners the most — just her lack of respect.

“We were not aware of the photos and there was no permission given.

“I know she’s a porn star and I don’t have a problem with it,” added Anat. “We all choose to make a living the way we want to. It’s a free country.”

And we know this may come as a shock, but the owner doesn’t have high expectations that the newly-minted millionairess will move in anytime soon, considering a week after her visit they haven’t received an offer.

So if it was yet another publicity ploy to get a glimpse of the Biebs, Abraham’s elaborate house-hunting scheme was unoriginal, according to the owner.

“Well, she wouldn’t be the first and she won’t be the last.”