Find Out How ‘Hit the Floor’ Star Charlotte Ross Got Into Trouble

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Charlotte Ross means business as the coach of a dance team on VH1’s new scripted series Hit the Floor. The role of a dancer turned coach wasn’t hard for the Illinois native. Ever since her years in high school Ross has been singing, acting and dancing and now she gets to put two of the three together.

From her classic roles on Days of Our Lives and NYPD Blue, “the woman who can take care of herself” is Ross’ favorite role to play. And sometimes that independence leads to a little bit of trouble –even in real life.

But before Ross’ new show premieres on May 27th read our Star Survey with the butt-kicking -and high-kick-kicking- actress to find out how she found herself in a little bit of trouble.

My first celebrity crush was… Tom Cruise. He was so handsome, dancing in his underwear. It was kind of emblematic of the world that I knew and that movie was huge.

My current celebrity crush is… in terms of his artistic talents it would have to be Daniel Day-Lewis. Just because he’s so awe inspiring in terms of the work he does, the roles he chooses and how much he disappears in them. And I just find that when somebody is so gifted and so talented it’s really sexy.

When I’m 90 I want to be… a working actress and I would want to have one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the United States.

My workout secret is… Muscle confusion is key. I’m a varied bootcamp junkie, which, in summation, is hardcore treadmill, high cardio and then what really transformed my body is weights.

If I could have X number of kids, I would have… I’m pretty happy with one.

My worst celebrity encounter was with… Oh my gosh, I can’t say. I can’t think of anything because I don’t want to say anything negative.

The worst movie I ever acted in was… a movie for STARZ years ago about two prison inmate guys that get in a fight. I was just the wife that would pop up every once in a while and I just can’t remember the name. That’s always a tricky one because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. I just really didn’t like my role, I thought it was kind of silly.

My go-to movie snack is… Red Vines. They say they’re fat free.

The first CD I ever bought was… was Enya. How boring is that? It was after a spa massage.

The most played song on my iTunes is… Pink’s ‘Try’. That song is just so uplifting because we all go through things. Sometimes all you have left is to try.

The last time I got drunk was… this morning, no I’m just kidding. Last Saturday night.

In high school I was… only wanting to be a professional actress.

The one part I auditioned for that I wish I had gotten is… a really great role in Water for Elephants that I was in talks to do and last minute they decided to not have the character anymore and took it out. I tested for the Jennifer Aniston role on Friends. It was also between me and Christina Applegate for Married with Children.

My biggest guilty pleasure is… mmm, cheese.

My biggest celebrity pet peeve is… self-entitlement.

The last time I got into trouble was… when I did a drag race in my Benz against my friend who had a Porsche in Santa Monica a few years ago. I love fast cars and I love driving. And I like to think that I’m a pretty good driver. I’ve driven a lot of cars on sets and I’ve had to do a lot of 360s and 180s and hit the mark. I love that kind of stuff. So it’s hard when someone says “My car is faster than yours.” It’s hard for you to be like “Oh, yeah?” So stupidly I raced my friend in a Porsche on Santa Monica Blvd. It was not the smartest thing so I got in trouble.

Right now I’m obsessed with… because I’m in the middle of shooting I’m obsessed with doing the best and most truthful take of every take I do on the show.

I hate it when the paparazzi… get mad because your eyes don’t look into their lens. I would say that most I have found are nice. I always try to be fair if I can and dodge my eyes around so I can look in each lens. I mean it’s impossible to not miss one or two. And every once in a while you’ll have someone who gets really vocally angry.

When I pig out I go for… pizza. And I love spicy, so with jalapeno.

The last time I yelled was… probably at my son unfortunately. We were playing with some animals and I didn’t want him playing so close to the back of a horse because he could be kicked.

The last person I kissed was… Rick Fox. He’s my husband on the show. We just had a big makeout scene yesterday.

My morning routine involves… well it depends if I’m shooting. If I’m shooting I got to work in the dark so I put on my sweats, brush my teeth and head to set and get in the makeup chair at 5:30AM. If I’m not shooting my routine is making a protein shake, feeding my son breakfast, bringing him to school and going to work out.