‘Arrested Development’: 23 Memorable One-Liners That All Fans Know

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Arrested Development has got a huge cult following so granted, you’re going to run into a few fans along the way.

Over the course of its three-season run on FOX, the comedy show has provided many one-liners that viewers have been quoting non-stop since it went on the air in 2003.

Given that Arrested Development will undoubtedly gain even more followers now thanks to its fourth season premiering on Netflix May 26, you bet that these zingers will be around until, well, the end of time.

The next time you’re around an AD fan, just slip one of these lines into an everyday conversation to see if they get the reference.

1. “I just blue myself.”

2. “There’s always money in the banana stand.”

3. “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

4. “Marry me!”

5. “I’m a monster!”

6. The word “analrapist.”

7. “Watch out for hop-ons.”

8. “Mr. F.” (And you have to sing it too.)

9. “Hey, brother.”

10. “No touching!”

11. “Annyong!”

12. “Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog.”

13. “Say goodbye to these!” (While lifting up your shirt.)

14. “Come on!”

15. “I’m Oscar (dot com).”

16. “Steve Holt!” (While raising your arms in the air.)

17. “Taste the happy/sad.” (While rubbing your face into whoever you’re speaking to.)

18. “…And I won’t respond to it.”

19. The entire lyrics to “It Ain’t Easy Being White.”

20. “Her?”

21. “For British eyes only!” (And you have to sing it too.)

22. “And that’s why you [insert lesson you want to teach here].”

23. Doing this impression of a chicken.

Bonus: Blaring this on the stereo will also suffice.

All GIFs are taken from Tumblr.