Which Star Smells The Best?

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Talk about the sweet smell of success.

Celebrities nowadays are expanding their empire to the perfume industry, using their name to hawk fragrances in elaborately designed bottles.

Though fronting a signature scent may be the reasonable move for those who are already immersed in the fashion world, like Sex & the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and singer-turned-designer Jennifer Lopez, there are also a few famous faces that stick out like sore thumbs. (Like, did you know Derek Jeter has his own fragrance?)

So, who is the real deal?

Celebuzz is putting their nose to the test and judging five famous celebrity scents.

Justin Bieber

Fragrance: Girlfriend

Smell: Crisp and fruity with hints of vanilla

Our Review: Great for tween girls (so most of us are out of the picture) but the bottle design is confusing. Why is it in a slinky?

Mariah Carey

Fragrance: Dreams

Smell: Warm musk of caramel apples and freesia 

Our Review: The warm musk of florals is more for the older crowd. The bottle is almost identical to Marc Jacobs’ Daisy.

Nicki Minaj

Fragrance: Pink Friday NICKI MINAJ Special Edition

Smell: Sweet and strong musk of florals and vanilla

Our Review: Like Minaj’s bold personality, the fragrance comes off a little too strong. Use sparingly.

Britney Spears

Fragrance: Fantasy Twist (includes 2005’s Fantasy and 2006’s Midnight Fantasy)

Smell: The pink bottle (Fantasy) smells of jasmine and white orchids while the blue bottle (Midnight Fantasy) smells of cherry, plum and raspberry

Our Review: It’s kind of cool that it’s a 2-in-1 deal. But with the name Fantasy Twist, you’d think they would make bottle a twist-off.

Taylor Swift

Fragrance: Wonderstruck Enchanted

Smell: Bold musk of sugary berries and flowers

Our Review: The sweet scent is strong, but it’s not too strong that it leaves you a little light-headed.

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