Today’s Mariah Carey Caption Contest Is #Beautiful and #Hilarious

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Like many other people, I love Mariah Carey. However, I don’t really love her because of her music, which isn’t really “my thing”; I love her because she sometimes gets a little bit nutty, and in these phases, she is the most entertaining person in the world. Please see her episode of Cribs for an example of what I am talking about.

Or, see her recent performance on Good Morning America, where she swore on live TV and suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Now that’s entertainment! So what if it wasn’t a “great” performance? At least we got a great caption contest out of it:

“And that right there is my jewel in crested bunion.” – Vanessa

“So you landed on that girls head like this?” – Shemika

“Put my Cinderella shoe on it!” – Traci

“Here’s Miguel checking out Mariah’s ‘vision of love’ canal…” – Sharon

“Kiss my feet, dahling…” – Angela

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