The ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Set Proves To Be The Cutest Place On Earth

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As each day goes by, Andrew Garfield is reaffirming everyone’s beliefs that he is — and always will be — your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Just days after he was spotted playing basketball with local kids on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 set, the costume-clad Brit continues his streak of awesome by bonding with a young co-star — who’s also sporting a Spidey suit — this Memorial Day weekend.

Garfield, 29, is seen squatting down to chat with Jorge Vegas before giving the child actor a couple of fist bumps in between takes.

Handshakes aside, Garfield has been quite, well, “amazing” co-star around set.

In April, the actor packed on the PDA with on-and-offscreen love Emma Stone while filming the sequel to Marc Webb‘s 2012 superhero flick, The Amazing Spider-Man.

From the looks of it, Spider-Man’s already a hit with the locals

The film is due out May 2, 2014.