Harry Styles Plays Best Man at His Mom’s Wedding

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Harry Styles walked down the aisle — but don’t fret, Directioners, he wasn’t the one saying “I do.”

The One Direction singer, 19, served as best man in his mother’s wedding over the weekend in the small town of Congleton in Cheshire, England.

Anne Cox, 43, tied the knot with her longtime partner Robin Twist, 53 — who has helped raise Styles over the past decade-plus — at Pecks Restaurant, where family and friends gathered to toast the newlyweds, according to a local newspaper.

After Cox arrived at the venue in a vintage Bentley, an all-smiles Styles — dapper in a slim-fit black suit adorned with a white rose on the lapel — walked her down the aisle to give her away to his new stepfather, whose son Mike was also a best man in the ceremony.

“That was a PERFECT day,” the newly-minted Mrs. Anne Twist tweeted, the day after writing, “Thank you all for your kind wishes.”

Styles’ sister, Gemma Anne, who was maid of honor in the low-key nuptials, shared in her mother’s joyous sentiments.

“Well what a lovely day <3 Ta for everyone’s good wishes, we’re all very happy,” she tweeted. “Only downside is, wearing 6 inch heels for 14 hours has caused me to lose all feeling in the toes on my left foot. C’est la vie!”

Though he didn’t chime in with any congratulations in the Twittersphere, Styles gave a peek at the reception party at a pub on Vine. In a six-second clip, Styles, the bride, the groom and their wedding guests were all “#Chinching,” a new term for folks nibbling on different kinds of food.

And another “I do” goer kept the trend going, sharing a Vine of Styles playfully pretending to snack on bite-sized desserts, a cup of tea and even older sister.