The Comeback Kids: TV Shows That Have Returned From The Dead

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Sometimes, you just can’t keep a good show down – as evidenced by the TV shows in today’s gallery, each of which came back from the dead to enjoy a nice run after they were initially cancelled.

Whether it was a response to fan outrage, or a new network willing to take a chance a proven commodity, these shows prove that sometimes there actually is a second act for beloved TV series in this business.

Arrested Development is currently the most popular example of this phenomenon. The beloved show was still one of the most critically acclaimed shows in television history when Fox pulled the plug.  Cost cutting measures brought AD down – and fans were certain that they would never see their beloved Bluths again. Enter Netflix, who restarted production and made the entire new season available online. It’s a banana stand fan’s dream come true!

Arrested Development is streaming now on Netflilx.