Another ‘Real Housewife’ Goes Broke

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Real Housewives in financial trouble is all too familiar.

Only now, former O.C. Housewife Peggy Tanous can add her name to the ever-expanding list.

The ex reality star declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in March, according to court docs obtained by Celebuzz, and lists her liabilities on the Summary of Schedules at $2.16 million — most of which include home loans and property taxes.

Others include over $70,000 in credit card claims and $10,000 for a book contract.

This is a far cry from the housewife once described as the “wealthy Orange County party girl” who loves “her bling, Bentley, and plastic surgery.” But that bling is not so blingy nowadays given that she lists the values of her home furniture and clothing at $550 each, $1,150 in jewelry and zero cash in the bank.

The former model (who filed under four names — Peggy Colleen Farney, Margaret Colleen Farney, Peggy Tyler and Tanous) also claims her assets as $840,000 for her Irvine, Calif. home, $2,500 a month in “non-court ordered” child support income, yet $3,200 in monthly expenses and an annual income of only $30,000.

In another detail, Tanous also cites her marital status as single. So does that mean she’s no longer with her internet entrepreneur husband Micah?

Despite listing “divorced” in the court docs filed March 7 and “single” in amended papers April 11, it looks like they’ve been taking to social media as a happy couple before and after she filed bankruptcy — with pics on Twitter of Tanous still wearing her massive diamond wedding ring alongside her hubby and writing to a fan May 21: “Being married is awesome!!” 

She even refers to Micah as her “awesome hubby” June 4 and their date nights from Jan. 20 (below) to June 1.

And despite Peggy filing bankruptcy, they’re still living large.

Going to a fashion show on June 3 (and a fitting just days before).

Buying flashy cars: “Having fun with my newest toy,” posted Micah on Feb. 28 taking a pic of his Hummer on Twitter, while Peggy wrote May 18, “Cruising in the new H1 today! Love this thing!”

And you can’t forget the Bentley: “Think I should paint my Bentley hood like this? Hmm, tuff call!” he wrote Oct. 14.

There are also luxe outings, including a photo of the husband and wife going wine tasting April 7 in a limo.

She even writes via social media that her talk show starts filming later in the month and she’s apparently working on a fitness DVD, despite claiming in court papers she’s unemployed.

According to the filed documents, Peggy further reveals there’s no equity in her home (which was advertised to go up for auction March 22) and through loan remodification she hopes to “save” it.

But diehard Housewives fans know all too well that her money troubles began before she quit the show in October 2011 when she stated on her Facebook that she “declined” an invitation to return for season 7, adding that she didn’t want to be around the “negative energy of certain cast members” and didn’t want to be forced to “have ‘dramatic’ confrontations.”

Earlier that same year, the 43-year-old mother of two reportedly faced losing her $1.3 million dollar Irvine, Calif. mansion to foreclosure and filed a lawsuit against the banks in an effort to keep it.

To be fair, it looks like she had enough drama off screen to keep her busy without the constant catfighting.

So Tanous now joins the ranks of nine other housewives (and house hubbies) who’ve had to file for protection against creditors — O.C.’s Alexis and Jim Bellino, Simon Barney, Lynne and Frank Curtain; NJ’s Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Teresa and Joe Giudice; ATL’s Lisa Wu Hartwell, 90210’s Taylor and Russell Armstrong, D.C.’s Michaele and Tareq Salahi, and NYC’s Sonja Morgan.

When contacted by Celebuzz, Peggy responded via text, “I bought a $500K rental property that was later worth $100K, bad investment, big deal.”