Celebs We Want At Our End Of The World Party

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The Mayans may have dropped the ball last year, but that doesn’t mean that the end isn’t near for one reason or another.  And truth be told, if the apocalypse is going down during our lifetime, we want to get one more big party in before everything goes KABOOM!

But who to invite to our end-of-days soiree?  Close friends and family will be there to raise a glass with us for sure – but if this really is the END, then we’re going to go big with our invitation list — and ask some of the funniest, most interesting celebs we know.

In today’s gallery, you’re cordially invited to check our celebrity guests for the big party and the end of the world.  James Franco, Rihanna, Aziz Ansari and Paul Rudd?  They all made the list.  Now check out who else we’re bringing to this one final blow out.

And for another can’t miss party, go see This is the End, which hilariously follows famous friends Jonah Hill, Franco, Seth Rogen, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and Jay Baruchel as they try to make it through the fiery hell that is consuming Hollywood once and for all.

This is the End opens in theaters Wednesday, June 12.  For more info – and to get your ticket to the party, visit the movie’s official site.