‘Candidly Nicole’: Father’s Day With Lionel ‘L-Train’ Richie

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Nicole Richie is taking the time out to celebrate her beloved pops, Lionel Richie (who she lovingly refers to as “L-Train”), in the latest edition of her AOL webseries, Candidly Nicole.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Nicole made the effort to hang with her famous dad and help him out with an activity he loves… gardening.

Richie — with classic Nicole “enthusiasm” — explains that she and her sister Sofia decided to “throw him a bone and be nice ’cause it’s Father’s Day.” Aww, how sweet. After the hard labor was over for the day a tired Nicole tells Lionel, “You have so much energy for an old person.” More signature Nicole sweetness for you right there.

In addition to trimming hedges, the girls teach the “All Night Long” singer the rules of emojis since he apparently overuses them in his texts (we’re really glad we know this). “You can’t just like choose every one. You have to stand for something, Dad,” Nicole says. Lesson learned.

Like every good daughter, Nicole quizzes her dad on which kid he likes best and asks him how many people he’s slept with since his divorce. She also gives him a pretty snazzy Father’s Day gift.

Check out the hilarious video, above.