Watch: John Oliver Debuts as Host of ‘The Daily Show’

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John Oliver debuted as temporary host of The Daily Show on Monday, and it was about as funny and easy of a transition as anybody could have hoped for.

Oliver, who will host the show for three months while Jon Stewart directs his debut feature, Rosewater, did his best to address the transition. (“Let’s just all acknowledge for a moment that this is weird,” he said at the top of the show.) But it was mostly down to business for the former Daily Show writer, who put his ego aside to address more important things — like, you know, all that crazy government snooping stuff going on right now in Washington, D.C.

Later on in the show, Oliver had the (un?)fortunate task of interviewing This Is the End star Seth Rogen, who was mostly pleased that Oliver and Stewart had the same first name. Lol, haha, funny.

Watch clips from Oliver’s much-anticipated debut in the videos above and below.